Martha takes the greyhounds she says she lost her mantra way down South. But all that repetition just got her down, got her down

Now she says she won't do drugs, because she found something to love, she cured herself of everything..there's nothing left but hair and skin

The only thing I asked her.was did she have a plaster, for my pain

She closed her eyes and took my hand, she said "God might have a plan for me"

But heaven is the place that's open when all the bars in town are closed, heaven is the place, I never find...

The only thing I told her, was that God would have no answer,for my pain

I've cured myself of everything.and now I think I know what makes you tick

she said the devil hides within my heart

The only thing I asked her, was did she have a plaster for my pain.

for the pain.

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